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Sawmill, Lumber and Slabs

In 2020 we expanded what we offer by purchasing a sawmill.  A sawmill will give us the ability to saw our own material for use on the furniture we make.  We also plan to offer custom sawing and kiln drying.  We have access to many different species of wood in our area and this will give us the ability to custom cut these woods to maximize the quality for our specific uses.     At this point we have been sawing Ash, hard and soft maple, cherry, and poplar along with some soft woods for use on shop/building projects.   We are sawing this wood to maximize the use of high quality wide boards and slabs along with quarter sawn and rift sawn woods to be used for drawer parts and other secondary woods or parts where stability it essential.   We source logs from local loggers, home owners/tree services and logs that have been salvaged that for one reason or another are not used by larger mills because of a  defect or possibility of metal in the log itself or a log is oversized.  


  We plan to update this page as we continue milling more wood and build up an inventory.  We also plan to in the future have woods in stock that can be used for a custom piece of furniture or table.  


  If you have a tree or log and you are in the  area and would like to see it put to good use we would be happy to help.  If you have a tree you would like to turn into a dining table or cherish family heirloom please let us know by Contacting us.  

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